May 5, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 5/05/2014
This past Thursday through Saturday, I took a trip up to Boston. We arrived Thursday night and headed to Chinatown for dinner. I heard that the Asian food in Chinatown is very good, and we ended up choosing a Malaysian restaurant called Penang. I've tried Malaysian food before, but I hadn't been to a Malaysian restaurant. The flavors are typical of Southeast Asian cuisine, with some Indian influences.

We ordered a fish head curry, malaysian stir-fried noodles, and an Indian flat bread with this curry/soup dipping broth. The fish in the curry was very delicious, and both my dad and I really enjoy fish. The noodles were also very flavorful, and we finished everything.

I got recommendations from friends to try Flour Bakery, and I'm glad I did. I went to the Back Bay location and got the "Twice-baked brioche" and an iced coffee with soy. The pastry was delicious! This was my second breakfast on Friday morning.

Being in Boston, I was on a mission to eat a lobster roll. After spending a few hours looking at apartments, we went to Summer Shack for a late lunch. The restaurant is touristy, but I heard the lobster roll here was good. Lobster right now is really expensive, but I bit the bullet and spent over $24 on the roll. Not sure if it was worth it, but it was very tasty with large chunks of lobster meat, lightly dressed with mayo. The roll itself was also delicious; lightly toasted and buttered, which perfectly complemented the lobster. I also sampled the mussels, which had a very flavorful sauce. I would recommend this place for good seafood!

Around dinner time, my dad and I made our way to Faneuil Hall, a large market square with restaurants, little shops and stands, and a lot of food counters where you can grab a quick bite to eat. There were a lot of food options, from seafood to Greek, Chinese, sandwiches, gelato, ice cream, etc. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the delicious-looking food, but I wasn't very hungry. Instead, we decided to sit down for a beer and have a snack. My dad really wanted fried calamari and I wanted raw oysters. Raw oysters are always such a treat since I rarely eat them.

The beer and fried food was enough to satiate my hunger, so I didn't end up getting food from the market. We shopped around for a bit, and then decided to walk to Chinatown to take a look around. I bought a taro bubble tea, since I didn't feel like eating a real dinner. However, we ended up at a dumpling restaurant, where my dad and I split a small order of soup dumplings. They were delicious, even though I was pretty full.

On Sunday, I got back from my long bike ride later than I expected, so I went out for a late lunch. I was cycling from 8:40am to about 1:45pm, with a few breaks in between, so I needed real food ASAP. For nutrition, I brought two gels and a Probar, which was just barely enough to keep me from bonking. I decided to go out for Thai with the family. We got marinated pork skewers and corn fritters for appetizers, and I got a rice noodle soup in a sour "pink" broth. It was topped with fried tofu and wonton skins, squid, fish balls, and white fungus. Very interesting and different. I ate most of it, as well as some food from my family's plates. We always like to share food so we can try different dishes.

And even though I was stuffed, I felt like I had room for more food about an hour later. There was a froyo place nearby, so I got frozen yogurt as well! All that food definitely made up the calorie deficit from my big ride.

What was the best thing you ate this weekend? Do you like Thai food?


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