May 25, 2014

Posted by Jo W. 5/25/2014
After this week, I should really take a rest day... Like a real rest day, not going to hot yoga and sweating a bunch and calling that rest.

Last week, I didn't run at all. I missed it, so this week, I made it up with three great runs. After my road race last Sunday, I started my week off with a trail run on Monday after my yoga class. My legs felt surprisingly fresh, though I tried to keep an easy pace. I really enjoy trail running, so I'm trying to do it more often. On Tuesday, I went running in the evening with my brother. I ran at his pace, which felt nice and relaxed. On Saturday, I wanted to run longer, so I ran my usual "long run" route, though I shortened it to 7 miles. Even without a running race to train for, I am trying to run on the days that I don't bike.

As the start of my cross-country bike trip is approaching in less than a week, I am cycling as much as I can. I am also enjoying riding these familiar roads before I leave. Lately, I've been feeling a bit nostalgic because I am moving away to Boston at the end of my trip, so this is actually my last few weeks at home. During my rides this week, I stopped to take pictures, caught up with a friend, and even made a video of my route.

To complete the trio, I went to three yoga classes this week. It has been two months since I started practicing yoga at my current studio, and I feel that I have made significant improvement. My class pass is about to expire soon, so I may only go to one more class before I leave. I am hoping to continue practicing yoga during this summer, whenever I have a spare moment.

Monday- 75 mins vinyasa yoga
                trail running 5.6 mi, 8:33 min/mi

Tuesday- cycling 24 mi, avg. 17.2 mph
                 running 4 mi, 8:04 min/mi

Wednesday- 60 mins hot power yoga

Thursday- cycling 21.1 mi, avg 17.6 mph

Friday- 75 mins vinyasa yoga
             cycling 25 mi, 17.8 mph

Saturday- running 7 mi, 7:45 min/mi

Sunday- cycling 47.5 mi


Running- 16.6 mi
Cycling- 114.3 mi


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