May 27, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 5/27/2014
I am counting down the days until I set off to cycle across the country, from Baltimore to Portland, to raise awareness for young adults with cancer. I have been preparing for this trip since I was accepted as a rider in September 2013; for months, I've been fundraising, training, getting to know my teammates through Facebook, etc. And finally, the start of the trip is just around the corner.

After this three-day weekend, I basically only have four days left at home. On Saturday, I will be heading to Baltimore for Training Day. I will meet my team, practice group riding, learn basic bike maintenance, and practice driving and loading the 15-passenger vans that will be our support vehicles. My family and I are planning on staying in Baltimore Saturday night, since the send-off is early Sunday morning. I will have to meet up at 6 am to load the vans and make last minute preparations. The send-off ceremony starts at 7 am at the Baltimore Inner Harbor, and then we head off at 8 to cycle across the country!

I have been writing Weekly Chase posts for the past few months, where I share my weekly goals and recap my previous week's goals. However, as I am cycling across the country this summer, I may not continue writing these posts. I am still trying to figure out how I am going to be blogging during the trip. I probably won't have my regular weekly posts, such as The Weekly Chase, Training Logs, Weekend Eats, etc. My posts will probably be more sporadic and shorter, but I will definitely make the effort to check in and write updates on my journey. Don't worry, I won't be completely absent :)

Road Runner Girl

Last week's goals:

1. Finish packing for my 4K trip- Ordered some more gear for the trip and I am starting to gather all my bike gear, clothes, and other essentials that I will need in my room. It's all sprawled out on my floor, next to my huge duffel. Now the goal is to not overpack!

2. Spend some quality time with my family and friends- Yep, and I will continue this goal this week before I leave on Sunday morning!

3. Finish my summer reading assignment- Haha, this has not happened yet. Fail for procrastinating.

This week's goals:

1. Don't forget anything for the trip- I am making lists, trying to think of everything I will need, and labeling everything. I really hope I don't forget anything essential!

2. Summer reading assignment- I need to stop procrastinating this.

3. Yoga- My class pass is expiring this week, so I want to go to at least one more yoga class. I also want to continue practicing on my own, as well as keep up my practice during the trip. I even bought a travel yoga mat.

What are you working towards this week?


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