May 28, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in , | 5/28/2014
Happy Wednesday! This week is going by too fast. As much as I am excited about cycling across the country with 4K for Cancer, I am also nervous and a bit sad to be leaving. I want the trip to start already, but at the same time, I am going to miss a lot at home: family, friends, my bed... oh yea, and definitely my Vitamix.

Last night, we had a crazy thunderstorm. I was planning on going on a training ride with the bike club, but obviously that didn't happen. I stayed home and watched the storm, instead. There was hail and our power went out for a minute.

Since I haven't ridden my bike in two days, I went out for a ride this morning. I rode my usual 21 mile route, and then added some extra miles in the neighborhood to make it an even 30. I rode through the back country roads, and some parts were really covered in debris from the storms. So many leaves, twigs, branches, and trees in the road. There was also a lot of sand and gravel littering one part of the road from the flooding. 

I was pretty thirsty and hungry when I got back, so I rehydrated with salted watermelon. Does anyone else put salt on their watermelon? It's really delicious, I swear.

For my last few days at home, I am trying to make the most of it by spending time with my family and seeing my friends before I leave. Later today, I am going down to Silver Spring to meet up with a friend from college and get Ethiopian food. I haven't seen her in over a year, so it'll be so nice to catch up with her before I leave! Tomorrow, I am hoping to actually do the club training ride, though the forecast says rain :( Crossing my fingers! Thursday night, I'm meeting up with another friend for dinner. Then it's the 4K Tribute dinner in Baltimore on Friday night, and training all day Saturday. Saturday will be my last night with my family. Since they are coming with me to Baltimore and staying the night, we can have one last family dinner before sendoff on Sunday. 

Now I just need to finish packing! Packing is hard :(


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