May 30, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in , | 5/30/2014
Today is the day that I finally get to meet my 4K for Cancer teammates! I will be cycling with these 27 people for the next 70 days, and I am certain that we will bond like family by the end of the trip. So excited :D

A few weeks ago, I posted a schedule of our route, including all the cities we will be cycling through. I was curious about how the route will actually look like, so I used MapMyRide and entered in ALL the cities (yes, it kind of took forever). The actual route will vary since the exact roads we will cycle on may change. However, this will give you a rough idea of where we will be going. Apparently MapMyRide doesn't allow you to save routes over 1000 miles long, so I took screen shots. The ride will be a bit over 4500 miles.

Note the zig-zagging nature of the route. Going from coast to coast in a straight line is well under 4000 miles, but we're taking the long way. And the harder way (apparently going west to east is easier because of tailwinds). After we hit Illinois, we are taking a sharp north-ward turn up to Chicago to meet with another team (going to Seattle, I believe). When we get to Wyoming, I think we are also making a detour into Yellowstone because heck, it's Yellowstone. I've been to Yellowstone many times when I lived in Idaho Falls as a child, so I can't wait to see it again!

Click on the map above to see the route in detail. 

Throughout the trip, we will have mail drops where riders can receive mail, care packages, cards, etc. (hint hint: I love food). Mail is awesome, and I would greatly appreciate anything I receive! A little note of encouragement will go a long way to motivate me during my trip :)

Just replace the "% 4K Rider's Name" with Joanna W.

Day 14 6/14/2014

Chris Ewing
℅ 4K Rider's Name
3318 Hampton Creek Dr
Lousiville, KY 

Day 33 7/3/2014

Pastor Becky
℅ 4K Rider's Name
701 5th St
Arapahoe, NE 68922

Day 39 7/9/2014

St. John’s Episcopal Church
℅ 4K Rider's Name
1419 Pine St. 
Boulder, CO 80302

Day 45 7/15/2014

4K for Cancer
℅ Rider's Name
800 23rd St. 
Rawlins WY, 82301

Day 56 7/26/2014

River of Life Family Worship Center
℅ 4K Rider's Name
390 North 11th East
Mountain Home, ID 83647


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