May 6, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 5/06/2014
I probably accomplished 55% of my goals from last week. Since I had to take a trip up to Boston, my schedule got a bit hectic. At least I accomplished my main goal: to find an apartment. If I didn't reach any other goal but this one, I would still be happy! 

Road Runner Girl

Goals from last week:

1. Find an apartment- I am moving to Boston in August, so I needed to find an apartment by this month. I went up for a visit last weekend to look around, and found the perfect place in Back Bay. Success!

2. Go on a group training ride- I was back home by Sunday, so I went out for a long bike ride with a bike club. The route was 50 miles, but I ended up riding 68 because I tacked on a few miles riding to the start, and then back home. It was a good ride

3. Run at least once- I wanted to go for a run along the Charles, but that didn't happen. Haven't run since my last race.

4. Run some trails- Again, I haven't ran since last Sunday, my last running race for this season.

5. Go to yoga three times- I went to yoga on Tuesday and Wednesday. I usually go at least three times a week, but since I was out of town, I couldn't make it to my usual Friday class.

This week's goals:

1. Get my cross country cycling gear together- I have less than 25 days before I embark on my cross country bike ride! I need to make a packing list and buy some gear that I am still missing. Time to go to shop online or go to the local bike shop!

2. Go on two club rides- Riding in a group is really useful for challenging myself, getting comfortable with pacelining, and to practice important skills for racing.

3. Go to yoga three times- I only got to go to yoga class twice last week, so I want to get back to three classes a week.

4. Run for fun- I've been focusing on biking so much lately, I haven't gone on a run! I miss it, and I want to just go for a joy run.


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