Apr 9, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in , , | 4/09/2014
I have my first duathlon this Saturday, in only two days! This week, I have been focusing on mentally preparing for it. I've also toned down my workouts so I can have fresh legs on race morning. Since I've never done a sprint distance, I'm not sure how I should be tapering. Am I doing too much, or too little? Yesterday, I went to a 75 minute vinyasa yoga class and did a 5 mile bike ride at a moderately hard effort.

This morning, I went to a hot yoga class. We did a lot of core and shoulder work, and I was sweating! Afterwards, I biked to the park to practice my transitions. I chose a spot to park my bike and lay out my bike and run gear. I ran a short 0.3 mile loop followed by a 0.7 mile loop on the bike, which I repeated three times, ending with the run. I went at a moderate effort, since I didn't want to feel burned out, and I was feeling a bit dehydrated (no duh, I went to hot yoga).

Duathlon transitions are pretty simple; I just need to switch my shoes and put on or take off my helmet, maybe take a swig of water (still deciding whether I should have water on my bike). I'll be wearing my Garmin on my wrist, so I just need to remember to hit the lap button! Also, once I almost forgot to take off my helmet as I transitioned to the run. Gotta remember that. How silly would I look if I took off running with a helmet on! I'm glad that I got to practice today, with only two days left before race day. Going through the motions a few times helps me worry less about the transitions. Hope everything will go smoothly so I can have an enjoyable race :)

A recycled photo from when I did a brick and had to bike on the trainer. I'll be riding my Cannondale for the race, and run in my Mizuno Sayonaras. No cap or gloves, but sunglasses is a must.

Tomorrow, I am planning on doing a short, easy run, and a 60 minute vinyasa yoga class Friday evening. I'm also going to make sure I stay hydrated, eat well, and sleep well so that I'll be ready on Saturday! Can you tell that I am totes excited?!

Are you racing this weekend?


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