Apr 1, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 4/01/2014
I almost forgot it was April Fools Day, so I didn't plan any pranks. I want to pull something on my family later today, so I gotta think of something! Any ideas?

This morning, I made it to an 8:30 hatha yoga class, and I was the only one there! It was kind of intimidating and kind of nice to have a one-on-one session with the yoga instructor. I felt a bit self-conscious at first, but I just went with it and had a good practice. 

After yoga, I went out for a bike ride. After the nasty weather we had all weekend, it has finally changed for the better! I didn't really have a route planned, so I just went along my usual roads and ended up riding 15 miles. On the way back, I decided to make it into a brick workout and planned to run a little bit at whatever pace my legs felt like going. On the bike, my legs still felt a bit fatigued from the race on Sunday, but I kept a moderate effort. When I transitioned to running, my legs felt really weird! No wonder they call it a brick, because that's what my legs felt like. Although I felt like I was going at a snail's pace because my legs felt leaden, I somehow managed to be running at a 7:05 pace for 1.6 miles. I was suffering quite a bit, but I wanted to push hard. Now I need to foam roll, or preferably get a massage :P

And now for The Weekly Chase, where I share my goals for the week.

Road Runner Girl

Here's how I did with last week's goals:

1) Practice yoga everyday- I went to the yoga studio four times last week, and practiced at home on the days I didn't go.

2) Do a few brick workouts- On Thursday, I did my first brick workout, and it went really well. It was my first time running off the bike, and my legs felt pretty speedy!

3) Have fun at my first race of the season- Definitely nailed this one (you can read my race recap here). Even though the weather was nasty and rainy, I went out there and had a great race! Running with my brother, cousin, and friend helped motivate me to get out there and run :)

4) Log some miles cycling on my new bike- I only got to go cycling outside once this week, on Saturday. It was cloudy and threatening to rain on Saturday morning, but I went out anyways. The rain started in the middle of my ride, so I cut it short. I was able to squeeze in an 11.3 mile ride before the rain soaked the entire weekend.

My goals for this week are:

1. Practice transitioning from run to bike and bike to run- I need to think about how I'm going to lay out my stuff for transitioning, and what order I'm going to switch out my gear so I'll be more efficient.

2. Run some intervals- I've been feeling some real progress lately with my speed development. I am going to keep it up with the interval training.

3. Go to the yoga studio at least three times- Every time I go to yoga, I leave feeling great. I'm really enjoying it.

4. Get together with friends- I am trying to make the effort to hanging out with my friends and being more social. Since I will be away for the summer on my cross country bike ride and moving to Boston in August, I want to cherish my time with my friends while I can.

What are you focusing on this week? 


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