Apr 14, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in , | 4/14/2014
This weekend, I went to DC both Saturday and Sunday to see the cherry blossoms. After my duathlon on Saturday morning, my family and I headed into DC via the metro. It was so crowded at Metro Center where we transferred to the blue/orange line and when we got out at Smithsonian. Saturday was the cherry blossom parade and the street festival AND it was peak bloom! We followed the massive crowds to the tidal basin.

I used to go into DC every year to see the cherry blossoms. It's one of my favorite parts of DC! For the past four years, however, I missed them because I was attending college in St. Louis. This year, I had to go see them!

It's so nice to stroll around the tidal basin, sit under the trees, and be showered by the falling petals.

I have so many pictures like these from previous years! They never get old, though :)

After we walked around the tidal basin, my family headed to Hill Country for some BBQ. Hill Country is a local New York chain, and the DC location is the only one outside of NY. They have some pretty darn good BBQ! I got BBQ last week after my bike ride, too. It's becoming my choice recovery food ;) We got a TON of food and a pitcher of Shiner. So delicious and I was so full!

So much protein!
On Sunday, I headed into DC again to hang out with a friend. He hadn't been to the cherry blossoms yet, so I went again for the second time. I didn't mind, though. It was windy that day, so the petals were flying everywhere! A lot of the trees had very few petals left, and they will soon be gone.

The cherry blossoms come and go so quickly.

We saw the relatively new Martin Luther Kind Jr. Memorial near the Tidal Basin. It's pretty interesting.

And we sat next to the water for a bit, just chatting and enjoying the view :)

Later in the afternoon, we headed over to H Street to grab some food. I had never been to that part of DC before. It is quickly changing and more hip restaurants and shops are opening in the area. It's an interesting street, with liquor stores juxtaposed with trendy restaurants.

My friend took me to this hidden gem: Biergarten Haus. From the street front, it doesn't look like much, but you go through the building and the back is a tasteful biergarten with plenty of seating. We sat on the roof top, where there was more seating and a bar. We studied abroad in Germany one summer back in college, so the biergarten brought back memories of our Germany adventures :)

I got a 1/2 liter of Hofbrau Original and an open-faced meatloaf sandwich with fries. I was pretty hungry, so I ate the whole thing :P And then went next door to get some pie at Dangerously Delicious Pies. Sorry I didn't get any pictures of the food. I devoured it before I got a chance! It was a really cute shop, and they had savory and sweet pies. I want to try them all!

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?
Have you ever seen the DC cherry blossoms?


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