Apr 22, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in , | 4/22/2014
Time for another Weekly Chase post, where I share my fitness goals every week and recap my previous goals. Last week, my weekly goals post was MIA because I was off on my Disney vacation. My only goal was to have fun (and not get sunburnt).

Road Runner Girl

This week, I am back to real life after spending a week in fantasy land. I always joke that everything at Disney World is fake. Let's recap on my goals I had set two weeks prior:

1. Go to yoga three times- I went to three yoga classes and practiced yoga at home on Monday

2. Do a shakeout run and bike- I did two workouts, a transition practice and a short 2.3 mile run during the week before my race

3. Have a great first duathlon!- definitely nailed this one, winning my age group and coming in 4th woman. You can read my race recap here.

4. Get packed and prepare for Disney World- I didn't forget anything, and we had a great time, so this was a success!

This week's goals:

1. Prepare for my charity yard sale/bake sale- I am having a yard sale during our community yard sale event to fundraise for my cross-country bike ride this summer. I need to collect stuff from all over the house to sell, make signs, and make a lot of cookies. All the proceeds will go towards benefiting young adults with cancer. I still need to raise over $2000 before the start of my ride on June 1.

2. Do two quality runs- I have a 10K this Sunday and I am hoping for a PR! I am planning on doing at least one tempo run, and maybe some kind of higher intensity run this week. I don't want to run too hard, since my legs need to be fresh on race day.

3. PR in the 10K- I've been working hard to develop my speed this season. I am confident and prepared to do my best this Sunday. I have a number in mind, but if I don't make it this time, at least I know that I gave it my all.

4. Go to yoga class three times- still have this goal because I want to be consistent in my yoga practice. I really enjoy the 60-90 minutes of relaxation, meditation, and focus on my breathing. It is always so rejuvenating after a session.

If you went to a yard sale, would you buy homemade baked goods? 

What about drinks, and what kind would you prefer (lemonade, milk, hot cocoa, etc)?


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