Apr 6, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 4/06/2014
This week, I did two bike/run bricks and went on a longer ride on Saturday with the bike club. The bricks went really well, which give me the confidence for my first duathlon next weekend. I also made it to yoga four times this week, and even went with a friend on Friday.

My ride on Saturday wasn't as great... Let's just say it wasn't a very pleasant ride. My friend and I were planning on joining a faster paced group (which was ALL men, except for us) this time, which averages 18-20 mph. I think I should have been able to keep up with the group if the conditions were better, but it was a really windy day. I felt like I was fighting either a headwind or cross wind the entire way. Also, because the route had a lot of traffic lights, our group kept getting split up. At one point, I got cut off from half the group at a traffic light, and I was at the front of the second half of the group. I had to pull in the front for a while, and it really tired me out. When other riders took their turn up front, I just couldn't keep up with the pace. My friend and I were dropped, and for the rest of the ride, we were chasing the group. We kept them in our sights for a while, but eventually lost them. Since this was my second ride with the club, we didn't know the route very well, and ended up making a few wrong turns. I had to stop a couple of times to check the map on my phone. It was pretty frustrating.

After a morning of fighting the wind and trying to navigate around unfamiliar roads, we decided to take a trail that would take us straight back to the parking lot where we started. At one point on the trail, there is a conveniently located BBQ joint. I saw and smelled it last time, but didn't stop. This time, we were tired and hungry, so BBQ sounded so good. Thankfully, I thought to put a $20 in my jersey pocket, so we got some delicious BBQ. Best. Decision. Ever. It really hit the spot. Tough ride, but the food made it better :)

Monday- rest/ walking ~4 miles around DC

Tuesday- Hatha yoga
                 Bike/run brick: 15 mile bike avg 16.9 mph, 1.6 mi run @ 7:05 min/mi

Wednesday- bike 11 mi, avg 17.2 mph

Thursday- Hatha yoga

Friday- run 2.26 mi avg 7:38 + 5.1 mi bike avg 17.5 mph
            Vinyasa yoga

Saturday-  cycling 45 miles with the bike club, avg 15 mph (wtf)
                 walking ~6 miles in DC

Sunday- walk/hiking about 5 miles
              Yin Yang yoga


Running- 6.7 mi
Cycling- 76.1 mi

What was the best workout you had this week?


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