Apr 5, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 4/05/2014
Good morning everyone on this lovely Saturday! I am actually drinking coffee as I type up this post. Join me on the Ultimate Coffee Date, hosted by JillNikki at Grab Your Kicksand Lynda at fitnessmomwinecountry. On the first Saturday of each month, we are sharing what we would tell each other over nice cups of coffee. So grab a cuppa, relax, and let's chat away that day :D

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you...

... that I quit my tutoring job last week to have some more time with my family before I leave for the summer. This past year, I've been busy applying to dental school, flying all over the country to interview, and worry about getting admissions. I've also been working part time with two tutoring companies, and I just wanted some time to myself before I depart in June to cycle across the country and then start school in August.

...that I am almost half way to my fundraising goal for my 4K for Cancer bike ride from Baltimore to Portland! This is the first time I have ever raised money for a charity, and it has been a great experience. I am surprised at all the generosity that I've been shown by my family, friends, and strangers. I still have quite a bit to raise, so I have to get on that!

...that I am really excited for my first duathlon in exactly one week! I've been training consistently for it, so I'm feel as ready as I can be. I am also a bit nervous about it, especially for the transitions. It's my first multisport event, so I both excited and a tad bit intimidated.

...that my grandpa, aunt, and cousin came to visit us this past week. It was so nice to see my grandpa, because he rarely gets to see us. Most of my relatives are in China, so to have a family reunion like that is a rare occurrence. I took them around DC and they really enjoyed the trip!

That's all for today! I am going cycling with a bike club this morning, and then heading into DC to meet up with a friend at the Maine Avenue Fish Market. Have a lovely Saturday!

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?


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