Apr 3, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 4/03/2014
Hello, how has your week been? My relatives came to visit us from Sunday to Wednesday, and I have been busy taking them around the DC area all week. On Monday, my two aunts, grandpa, cousin, and I took the metro into DC and visited the Smithsonian. I took them to my favorite places on the Mall: the National Museum of Natural History, the United States Botanical Gardens, and the Capitol Reflecting Pool. Too bad the cherry blossoms weren't in bloom yet, because that would have been great for them to see. Darn this winter.

My grandpa especially enjoyed the botanical gardens. There was an event going on called Orchid Symphony where a large variety of orchids is displayed. There are also live musical performances in the evenings. 

It's so nice to be surrounded by all the greenery. I love going to the gardens because it's so peaceful and relaxing. Some of the orchids were really interesting and smelled very nice.

I am going to DC again this weekend, so hopefully there will be cherry blossoms to see! I usually go every single year when I was growing up, but I haven't seen the cherry blossoms in four years because I was away at university :(

Yesterday, I took my relatives to the mall for some last minute shopping before they left. I didn't really buy anything, but I tried on this lace dress that I really liked from White House Black Market. Too bad it was $160, because I really liked the fit! I just can't justify the price. Oh well, maybe I'll find something similar.

For lunch, we went to California Pizza Kitchen in the mall. We ordered way too much food: chicken lettuce wraps, the Works pizza, jambalaya pasta, a salad, and a chicken club sandwich with soup. For five people, that was definitely enough! The food was okay, but a bit too salty for my taste.

Last random thing is that my brother bought me a K-Edge GoPro mount! This small piece of metal was pretty pricey, but supposedly it's one of the best mounts for a bike. I tried mounting my GoPro on my helmet, but the video I captured is so shaky it'll make you seasick!

I installed it on my bike's handlebars last night after some frustration (you need hex wrenches). Also, the part that attaches to the GoPro housing (under the K-Edge logo) doesn't fit very well. At first, I thought it was the wrong size or something, but you just really gotta force it in. I'm going to take it for a spin later this week, and maybe share some videos! 

Have you been to DC? What's your favorite place in the nation's capitol?

Do you have a GoPro, and what do you use it for? 


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