Apr 17, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 4/17/2014
Each day keeps getting better on my Disney World adventure. Today, I went to Epcot, the international-themed park. I felt like I was at the world expo! There was a lot to see and learn about different countries.

When we entered the park, we were greeted by this iconic structure: Spaceship Earth. I actually didn't get to go to the ride, but it's about innovations in space travel. 

My first FastPass was to Mission: Soace. It was a flight simulator, and it really felt like we were flying through space! Right outside is a sculpture of Buzz Lightyear :)

This spring, there is a special exhibit called the Flower Garden Festival. There were garden sculptures all over the park of Disney characters. 

The World Showcase was my favorite part. Countries from all over the world had a small area with shops, restaurants, exhibits, and iconic architecture. The first one I saw was Canada, where I saw a 360 degree video showcasing the sights of Canada. 

I saw Mary Poppins and Captain Hook near the UK. 

In Japan, I saw some cool Japanese architecture, temples, and gift shops full of cute Japanese toys. 

In the US area, we saw a short movie that was basically an over view of American history. It was a bit boring, since it was basically a review of a high  school history class. There was a cool acapella group singing right outside the theatre that I enjoyed. 

I loved the Germany exhibit the most! It brought me back to my days of studying abroad there. I really love German culture and studying the language. There was also beer, which know me, I totally got!

There was a miniature train display, which reminded me of Miniature Wunderland in Hamburg. 

I really liked this mini stein shot glass! Too bad it costs $27! Wtf?!

Next up was China! The area was set up like an ancient Chinese garden/ house. The ponds were really pretty. 

Simba sighting! The Lion King is one of my favorite Disney movies. 

And then I totally pigged out at Cape May, a seafood buffet in the nearby Disney Beach Club Resort. Um, I ate way more than this, and I am not at all ashamed. 

Started conservatively, then got an IPA and a pile of seafood. 

And a plate with more veggies. Followed by about 3 more plates of seafood (not pictured). 

Followed by a plate of mini desserts. Yes, I ate it ALL. 

My stomach felt like it was about to burst, like these fireworks, but thankfully it didn't. 

Another fun-filled day, and now I'm exhausted and going to collapse in bed!


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