Sep 6, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 9/06/2013
Happy Friday :) The weather today is amazing, and I decided that it is perfect apple pie-baking weather. The high today is only 75 :D

It's not even noon yet, and I am pooped. This morning, I decided to go on a long bike ride instead of doing it on Saturday, since I have to work a lot this weekend. I headed out around 7am when it was only 55 degrees, and I was freezing! I tried to warm up with some sprints, but that just made me colder because of the wind chill. I did eventually warm up after about 6 miles, but my feet were cold for the entire ride.

I didn't plan out an exact route or a specific mileage, so I just went down some roads, took a few turns, and kept going. At some point during my ride, I decided to go for a personal distance record and shoot for 40 miles. I had only brought two Amphipod water bottles (8oz each) with me, and no fuel, since I wasn't originally planning on going so long. That was not a very smart decision because miles 30-40, the only thoughts going through my head were:
1. Food
2. foodfoodfood

I even started rambling to myself around mile 28, planning what I would scarf down when I got home. And of course when I was mumbling out loud to myself, a biker was actually behind me and probably heard the crazy hunger-talk. Uh... how embarrassing. I just smiled and said hi. And then biked away fast.

When I finally got home, I ate two chocolate oat bars, coconut water, and toast with hummus, arugula, scrambled egg, and mozzarella. It hasn't even been two hours, and I'm already thinking about lunch ;)

40.23 miles is my new personal distance record! And I have two weeks until my century ride. I've been looking at training plans for a century rides, and the mileage and long rides are a lot more than what I am riding now. I don't think it will be too big of a problem that I didn't train "properly" for my first century. I am pretty confident that my endurance is there, since I've been concurrently marathon training.

For the rest of the day, I'm going to foam roll like crazy, eat more, bake an apple pie (recipe coming soon!), and go to Performance Bike to pick up some gear I will be needing.

What are you doing this Friday?


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