Sep 8, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 9/08/2013

This week was pretty chill, running-wise. I was feeling a bit burned out from running, so I ran a grand total of twice. Monday's planned, but failed, long run was a bit disheartening. It was relatively hot and muggy, and I just felt plain tired that day. I turned around sooner than planned, and actually started walking about a mile from home. That's rare for me.

Monday- 7.6 mi run. I was planning on a long run, but just wasn't feelin' it. Besides, it was Labor day, so I didn't want to labor too hard. That's how that holiday works, right?

Tuesday- Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Wednesday- 8 mile run (tempo)

Thursday- 23 mi bike

Friday- 40 mi bike

Saturday- rest


Biked- 63 mi
Ran- 15.6 mi

I did a 13.1 long run today, and it's exactly a week before the Philly Rock n Roll Half marathon! Um, I should probably be tapering this week. I'll see how that goes. I plan on running some easy miles, or bike more. No Insanity workouts this week, since I don't want to fatigue my legs.

Weekend Eats

I've been wanting to go to an Indian lunch buffet for weeks, now, so I finally decided to go today. Going after a long run is perfect, since I am ravenous and can eat all the things :P

This is plate #1 (out of 2) with tandoori chicken, goat, saag, paneer with peas, a samosa, and some bread (not naan, I forgot what it was called). I also had some chai tea and mango lassi (which was too sweet for me). For dessert, I had a gulab jamun (syrup soaked donut) and some rice noodle pudding. Both were very good, though I was too full at that point to eat much of it. Good thing, because those gulab jamun will probably give me diabetes (they are very sweet)!

I also made an apple pie with a coconut crust that I've been eating every day.  It's so addicting and almost gone. Which means I'll have to bake another pie soon ;)

What have you been eating/indulging in this weekend?


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