Sep 19, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 9/19/2013
I love figs, but don't buy them often. They are pretty pricey, so I usually get them if they are on sale, or to splurge.

This past weekend in Philly, I went to Reading Terminal and walked past a grilled cheese stand. It smelled AMAZING and I really wanted to try it, but unfortunately, I passed up the chance. They had a grilled cheese with figs and honey, so I wanted to recreate those flavors at home!

The sweetness from the honey, earthiness of the figs, and salty tang of the cheese combine to create a sandwich of awesomeness. You have to try this.

Grilled Cheese with Figs and Honey

2 slices bread (I used a crusty Italian sourdough bread)
2 slices cheese (I used Swiss, though brie, cheddar, goat cheese, or your favorite cheese would work, too)
1 fig, sliced thinly
1 Tbsp honey

Heat a lightly greased pan on medium heat. Place the two slices of bread in the pan and lightly toast one side. Flip the bread over and place the cheese on each piece of bread. When the cheese is slightly melted, add the figs to one slice of bread and drizzle with a bit of honey.

Place the other slice of bread on top, sandwiching everything together. Toast both sides until the cheese is completely melted and the bread is golden.

Slice in half and enjoy the best grilled cheese sandwich ever.


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