Sep 23, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 9/23/2013
On Saturday, I went to the farm again with my brother to go apple picking. I also needed some squash in my life, so I picked up a pumpkin and a butternut squash.

I picked some Jonagolds, Fuji, and Cameo apples. I also sampled a lot, and I think I ate at least two whole apples while picking. 

My brother wanted a slice of pumpkin pie, so he bought one and we sat in the picnic area. I stole a bite, but really wasn't a fan. It tasted really off to me, for some reason. Like bitter and tasting vaguely of soap. Maybe because of all the apples I ate? I have no idea.

After apple picking, we decided to check out a recently opened shopping center with a HUGE Wegmans. There aren't many Wegmans in my area, and I've never been to one before. I think it was the grand opening on Saturday, and it was jam packed with people. It was really huge, at least twice as large as a normal grocery store. About a third of the store was a prepared food area, almost like a food court with a lot of seating area. It reminded me of a college dining hall!

I wasn't feeling too keen on getting lunch at Wegmans, so we decided to check out the newly opened Famous Dave's BBQ. They were actually having a soft opening, and "family and friends" were invited for a free meal! Um, I'm a friend of Dave's... haha they let us in for a free BBQ. Score!

 The meal included a salad, either garden or ceasar. I opted for a garden salad with bleu cheese dressing on the side. It was pretty big, and had croutons, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese, and chopped egg.

For my main course, I got half a rack of St. Louis style pork ribs. The meat was pretty flavorful, smoky, and well seasoned. I also got grilled pineapple, baked beans, and a corn muffin on the side. This was a lot of food, and I ended up taking home half the ribs and the corn bread.

My brother got the beef brisket, with mac and cheese and fries on the side. The mac and cheese had corn and jalapenos in it. I stole a bite of it, a piece of brisket, and some fries ;)

Haha, not bad for a free meal. Not the best BBQ I've eaten, but I guess I would go back if I have a craving.


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