Sep 24, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 9/24/2013
It's little more than four weeks before the Marine Corps Marathon! Yikes, my mileage has been pitiful lately, and if you haven't noticed, I haven't posted my weekly training log for the past two weeks. I do have two excuses:

1) I took it easy the week before the Philly Half Marathon on 9/15
2) I had a week to recover after the Philly Half for my century ride (100 mile bike ride) on 9/22

So I haven't been running as much as I would like, but oh well. I'm getting back to focusing on the marathon training, and hope to get my mileage higher.

To start off with, I took Monday to recover from the century ride and did some speed work today. I ran 0.7 mile intervals at 6:50 pace twice with a 0.5 mile recovery at 8:30 pace. Yea, I make up my own speed workouts and do them whenever I feel like :)

Since I'll be travelling a few weekends in October, this is a rough plan of the workouts I want to accomplish in the remaining 5 weeks before MCM:

Week 5- 13+ mile long run, speed work x1, 45 mile bike ride, total 20+ miles
Week 4- 15+ mile long run, speed work x2, total 25+ miles
Week 3- speed work x1, progressive tempo (I'll be travelling on Fri to Mon, so I'll try to squeeze in a run here and there)
Week 2- speed work x2, tempo
Week 1- cross training, easy miles (I'll be travelling Thurs and Fri this week)

We'll see how this goes...


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