Sep 3, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 9/03/2013
I had a great Labor Day :) My family and I was out all day having fun. There is a huge entertainment center and shopping outlet near Baltimore called Arundel Mills, and we decided to spend the day there. There is a Live! Casino, which I was excited to go to since I could finally gamble! I haven't gone to a casino since I turned 21, and I wasn't allowed to join my family in the casinos whenever we went to Atlantic City. Now that I am finally of age, I wanted to try it just for fun!

I know the payout for the slot machines is terrible, and I went in knowing that I would most likely lose my money. I just allotted myself $5 and played penny slots. I must admit, it was pretty exciting at times, and the most I won at a time was like, $2.50 from betting 5 cents. My family wasn't that into gambling yesterday, so they just watched me play. That $5 entertained us for quite a while.

The shopping center also had a Dave & Busters, so after we played in the casino, we went there to go bowling. We got a lane for about an hour, and played 4 games. I played against my brother for 3 games, and won all three times. Haha :)

There was a DuClaw brewery restaurant as well, and I wanted to try some of their craft beers. We just went there for drinks. I got the Dark Side of Oz, a dark American IPA, and my dad got Funk, a blueberry citrus wheat ale. I really enjoyed my beer, and I tried my dad's as well. His was very interesting, and you could definitely taste the fruit. We also got duck fat fries on the side, served with two different kinds of aioli.

After demolishing our drinks and fries, we decided to head home and eat dinner somewhere closer to home. Since I've been craving Indian food lately, we settled on Spice Xing

We ordered and shared a spicy lamb curry, saag paneer, and goat curry. Everything was really yummy and the service was also pretty good.

We each got a plate with some rice and veggies on the side. When I asked to box up the leftovers, they even included a small container of basmati rice! How considerate :) 


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