Sep 2, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 9/02/2013
Happy Labor Day! I hope you are enjoying the long weekend :) This is my one day off this weekend. I started the day with a 7.6 mile run, and then I'm going shopping with the fam. We are going to check out Arundel Mills, where there's fun places like a casino, Dave & Busters, restaurants, outlets, and a cinema. I've driven by the place, but never actually been.

This week, training-wise, was less running and more biking. I felt a bit burned out, hence the decreased mileage.

Training Log:

8/25 Sunday- ran 13.1

8/26 Monday- rest

8/27 Tuesday- Insanity Core Cardio and Balance, ran 2 mi

8/28 Wednesday- biked 20 mi

8/29 Thursday- ran 6.9 mi

8/30 Friday- biked 23 mi

8/31 Saturday- biked 34 mi

Ran- 22 mi
Biked- 77 mi


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