Sep 28, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 9/28/2013
This week was crazy high volume with both running and biking. On Sunday, I biked a personal distance record of 100 miles on my first century ride. Those were some hilly, beautiful, and fast miles! Seriously, I thought the day went by way too fast. On Friday, I decided to go for my peak mileage with my long run, and ran 20 miles. It's less than a month now until the Marine Corps Marathon, and I'm about to get busy with travelling for interviews, so I'm glad I got to squeeze a 20-miler in this week. Taper time is soon, so that'll probably mean more biking and less running. Or maybe less of both since I am traveling every weekend leading up to the marathon! 

9/22 Sunday- 100 mi bike (Back Roads Century)

9/23 Monday- rest

9/24 Tuesday- speedwork, total 5 miles

9/25 Wednesday- 8 mi easy

9/26 Thursday- 24 mi bike

9/27 Friday- 20 mi run

9/28 Saturday- rest


Biked- 124 mi
Ran- 33 mi


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