Sep 20, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 9/20/2013
As you may or may not know, I am applying to dental schools this year. The application process starts in June, and interviews start around September/October, and goes until the spring. I have 4 interviews scheduled in October so far, so I'll be travelling around a lot!

The schools that I applied to are all over the country, so I am flying to SoCal, Kentucky, and Utah. My first interview is at my state school, though, so I'll be able to just drive there. I'm going to be travelling almost every week this month!

So last spring, I registered for the Marine Corps Marathon knowing in the back of my mind that a dental school interview might interfere with the race. So far, I've dodged the bullet, but I'm still crossing my fingers. Maybe I'll get lucky. 

The MCM is on October 27th, and I have an interview in Utah on the 25th. I'll fly out there on the 24th and hopefully fly home on the 25th. Then I'll have the 26th to rest up and recuperate. 

My travels are also going to interfere a bit with my marathon training. I'll try to be flexible and figure out how I'm going to balance work, travel, and training. Maybe I need to rethink my time goals for this race. I am thinking of throwing out the time goal all together. This is my first marathon, and I want it to be a pleasant experience.



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