Sep 1, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 9/01/2013
It's the first day of September, and the start of apple picking season! Every year, it's a tradition to go to the farm and pick apples. I eat a ton when I'm picking them (gotta sample them, right?), and then buy a lot to bring home to make into pies, cakes, or just eat as a snack. When the apple season closes in October, I stock up on bushels of apples to last throughout the winter and into spring. Our fridge gets stuffed full of apples!

The farm also has a vegetable market with tons of lovely, fresh, produce.

These flat beans are really good! I got 3 lbs of them :)
I also got a beautiful bunch of Italian kale, which I'm planning on cooking tonight. Not sure what I'm going to make yet.

Rows of apple trees. There were Honey Crisp and Crimson Crisp varieties to pick today. Later in the season, they have others, such as Pink Lady, Fuji, Red and Yellow Delicious, Jonagold, etc.

I've been craving farm-fresh apples lately, so as I was picking, I managed to munch on three large apple. I'm pretty sure I met my fiber requirements for the day ;)

The farm also has a few farm animals, like goats, hens, and an alpaca. You can even buy some animal feed and let them eat out of your hand! Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I toss in some fruit that I picked.

 The goats have it good. They have all these ramps and elevated platforms for them to play on. There is even a pulley system where you can put some treats into a cup and pull it up to one of the platforms.

My haul from the farm: small watermelon, yellow tomatoes, large bunch o' kale, 3 lbs flat beans, 9 lbs Honeycrisp apples.

Have you ever picked your own apples before?


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