Aug 17, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 8/17/2013
My dad and I have been going on Saturday bike trips throughout the summer. We usually head towards DC and over the Potomac River into Virginia. Virginia has some great bike paths and we have explored the Custis Trial, Four Mile Run, and the Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) Trail.

Today, I wanted to explore Old Town Alexandria and check out the farmer's market there. We started from Bethesda to Georgetown via the Capital Crescent Trail. Then we crossed the river at the Arlington Memorial Bridge and continued on the Virginia side of the river along Mount Vernon Trail. The path leads right up to Alexandria, and finding the farmer's market was pretty easy.

There were vendors selling fresh summer vegetables with many heirloom varieties. The tomatoes and peaches looked and smelled especially yummy, but I don't think they would have survived the trip home in my CamelBak. Oh well.

There were vendors selling crafts, grass-fed meats, breads, pastries, coffee, jams and preserves, ham, and many more yummy things. 

Despite eating a full breakfast and a couple of fig bars in the morning, by the time we got there, around 10am, I was already getting hungry. After walking around and perusing all my options, I decided on an almond croissant and iced coffee sweetened with condensed milk.

Yum, I split this with my dad (I got the bigger half). It was a bit pricey, but it hit the spot. I definitely felt the caffeine jolt.

Zucchini blossoms! I've never tried these before and usually don't see them in stores. I wanted to get a box but they looked way too delicate.

I decided on bringing home a loaf of muesli bread (with dried fruits and nuts), and a jar of boysenberry jam. I've already eaten part of the bread, since I seem to have a never-ending hunger lately...

After seeing the farmer's market and having a mid-morning snack, my dad and I hopped on our bikes and headed towards the waterfront to check it out. It was really pretty :)

This area was pretty cute. There's even a steamboat!

Heehee, awkward photo opp.

With my old man :)

We made our way back to Bethesda and got some lunch at Bethesda Bagels. The entire ride was about 31 miles, though it felt pretty easy since we went at a relaxed pace. I really enjoy these rides with my dad, stopping to see the sights and grabbing a bite here and there. What a great way to spend a Saturday morning :)


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