Aug 15, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 8/15/2013
Is it really mid-August? It sure didn't feel like it this morning. It was 55 degrees and I was planning on going for a bike ride. Since I dress for about 5 degrees colder because of windchill, I layered up with running capris and a long sleeve under my bike jersey. Going out at first is like jumping into the pool: I'm really frickin' cold at first, and was shivering for the first three miles. My nose was all runny, too :( I started warming up after climbing a few hills, and felt a bit over dressed near the end. I should invest in some good arm and leg warmers.

For some reason, I just wasn't feeling that great today. Maybe I'm coming down with a cold, or just need rest. I was planning to ride 25 miles, but I just made it to 20 in 1:16.

So I thought I was supposed to go into work today, but when I got there, I was told that I actually didn't need to come in today. I was told on Monday that I would be working a full day today, and that I would get a call yesterday about my schedule. Well, I didn't get a call yesterday and I just assumed that I had to work, but I actually don't. Fail...

Since I was already out of the house, I decided to hit up the Pennsylvania Dutch Market for some groceries. I bought butter, sharp cheddar cheese, a sausage, some marrow bones, a mini blueberry pie, and a large slice of pumpkin roll cake. I wanted to try roasting marrow bones, because it looks delicious. And I got the pie and cake just because I am really craving sweets lately. And this cool weather is reminding me of fall and all the delicious flavors of fall like PUMPKIN. With CREAM CHEESE FROSTING.

I ate about half of it when I got home. Then I ate lunch. And an hour later, I started picking at it and it's practically gone. I am trying to exercise my will power to not completely polish it off... I may or may not win this battle.

Nope. All gone :P


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