Aug 4, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 8/04/2013
I didn't run much this week because of Riley's Rumble Half Marathon today, so I mostly crosstrained.

7/28 Sunday- ran 9 mi easy

7/29 Monday- biked 20.4 avg 14.5 mph

7/30 Tuesday- ran 5.6 mi tempo

7/31 Wednesday- biked 23.5 mi avg 15.2 mph

8/1 Thursday- Insanity Core Cardio and Balance + 2.5 mi easy run

8/2 Friday- biked 22 mi avg 15.3 mph

8/3 Saturday- biked 15.5 mi


Ran- 17.1 mi
Biked- 81.4 mi

Haha, I almost went 100 miles total. Close, but not quite.

This week, I am planning on doing mostly crosstraining and easy running. Next Sunday's long run, I might go for a personal distance record. My longest currently is 15 miles. It's only twelve weeks out from the Marine Corps Marathon!!! Yowza


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