Mar 8, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in , | 3/08/2014
I'm going up to New York City this weekend to hang out with a bunch of girl friends from college! It'll be kind of a reunion, so it's going to be wild ;)

Aside from catching up with my friends, my priorities are eating ALL the delicious food NYC has to offer. Okay, maybe not all the food, but we are planning every single meal at delicious restaurants, and not a bit of stomach space will be wasted.

Can't wait to share everything I ate on my weekly Weekend Eats post, and you can be sure that it's going to be epic!

 Grey hounding it up to the City!

I'll be blogging on the road this weekend, so more pictures, less words. 

What are your plans for this weekend? Have you been to NYC? What's your favorite place or thing to eat there?


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