Mar 17, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in , , | 3/17/2014
This past week has been so great in terms of training. It actually felt like spring, and I was able to run and cycle outside every single day! Spending time outdoors makes me so happy :)

My highlight of this week was going on a trail run with my friend on Saturday. We ran a trail around a lake at a relaxed pace. It's a nice change of pace (ughhh pun not intended) to run on softer surfaces and be surrounded by nature. I need to do more trail running!

Another great run I had was on Sunday. I went out for an "easy, don't-care-about-pace" run, and I was able to knock back 5 miles averaging a 7:45 min/mile pace! I ran negative splits, and I just felt great. I guess when I'm not looking at my Garmin all the time and just run by feel, I am capable of more than I think. I think being more relaxed and not having a this is hard mentality really helps, too.

Monday- biking 21 mi, avg 17.3 mph

Tuesday- running intervals, 6x400s with 0.25 mi rest in between. Total 5.25 mi

Wednesday- biking 20.5 mi, avg 16.5 mph

Friday- running 3 mi at 7:36 pace + 2 mi 8:09 pace. Total 5 mi

Saturday- 6ish mi trail run, relaxed pace (didn't really use the Garmin)

Sunday- running 5 mi, avg 7:45 pace


Running- 19.25 mi
Biking- 41.5 mi

What was your favorite workout in the past week?


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