Mar 12, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 3/12/2014
This week has been really busy, and this weekend looks to be even busier. Yesterday was my Aunt's birthday, so we were out all day having fun! I made appointments for us at an acupressure and reflexology spa in the morning, so I woke a bit earlier than usual to fit in an interval workout and shower before heading out. The massage felt amazing and was better than foam rolling on my Rumble Roller. Acupressure targets specific points on the body to stimulate them, helping to release tension, heal injuries, and increase circulation. The Rumble Roller does something similar, but all I had to do was lie on the massage table. I wish I could afford this every day.
The poor man's masseuse 

The masseuse worked on my back, neck, and shoulders for most of the 60 minutes. She pressed down pretty hard at specific points and it was a little painful, but in a good way. She also worked on my arms, legs, and feet. I love foot massages, and it felt really good! I should've gotten foot massages during marathon training. It would've been so worth it!

After my aunt, mom, and I blissed out at the spa, we went to a Japanese-Korean restaurant for their lunch buffet. Their sushi was pretty decent, and they also had a good selection of cooked dishes, like bugolgi, miso soup, tempura, mussels, soba noodles, etc. I was pretty hungry, so I had three plates of food :P

My aunt needed to get some soccer stuff for her son, so we went to Dick's Sporting Goods. She also wanted to start running (yay, I influenced someone to run!), so she and my mom tried on a bunch of running clothes. I helped her pick out a few running outfits. My mom and aunt both got pink Brooks running jackets (on clearance!) and now they can match when they go on runs together :) 

We also went to Michael's and Whole Foods, and it was late afternoon when we finished shopping. Right when I got home, I turned on my oven and whipped up an apple streusel cake for my aunt's birthday cake. I've been baking so much, recently, and am going to bake even more this weekend!

This week, I am also busy putting together my 4K for Cancer bake sale fundraiser. I've been designing and distributing event flyers, making posters, and shopping for ingredients. I'm planning on making St. Patty's day themed cookies, and I found a shamrock cookie cutter for 50% off at Michael's yesterday. Score!

This is the flyer I designed. I think it's pretty cute! :)

If you are local, come out to support my cause by buying delicious baked goods! I am planning on making Shamrock sugar cookies, Irish soda bread, granola, gingersnaps, and funfetti cookies. If you aren't in the area, you can still contribute by making a tax-deductible donation through my 4K profile page!

I'm going to baking up a storm on Saturday. 

Have you held a bake sale for charity before? How did it go? Did you bake everything?


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