Mar 2, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in , , | 3/02/2014
This week, I am back in the training groove! Last weekend gave me that push to up the frequency and intensity of my workouts with the first outdoor rides of the season. Counting last Saturday and Sunday, I was able to train for 6 consecutive days before heading off to New York City for weekend of fun and reunion with my college friends. I definitely did NOT plan on training during the trip, so I'm glad I had a productive week. 

Tuesday's run was fun and interesting because it started snowing right when I headed out! It was pretty running through the snowflakes, and I collected a lot on my vest. 
Monday- 2 mi 8ish pace, 1 mi 7:23 pace, 2 mi slightly under 8:00 pace, total 5 miles

Tuesday- 6.2 mi steady effort, avg 8:09 pace, 0.8 mi cool down, total 7 miles

Wednesday- 65 mins on bike trainer. 10 mins warm up, 7:00 mins sustainable hard effort/ 3:00 mins easy, 7:30 hard/2:30 easy, 8:00 hard/2:00 easy, 10:00 hard, 15 min cool down

Thursday- 45 mins on bike trainer. 10 mins warm up, 30 sec sprint/30 sec recovery x 15 with 5 mins easy between each set of 5 sprints, 10 mins cool down 

It snowed on both Tuesday and Wednesday! And it's going to snow even more tonight and Monday :/

I have been feeling that runger lately, and with the increase in activity compared to the past two months, I am getting hungry constantly. I should try to eat more, especially before my runs. I've been eating oatmeal cooked with egg whites with a banana for breakfast, but when I go out for a run an hour later, I get hungry in the middle! Like that kind of hunger that drains your energy and you feel it deep in your belly, followed by a general feeling of weakness and lightheadedness. Not good.

Post-workouts, I've been eating Greek yogurt with Kashi GoLean Crunch, almond milk and fruit. Unfortunately, I think my lactose intolerance is getting worse and the dairy is giving me pain. I am sad because I love my yogurt :(

This week, it looks like I'll be doing more indoor workouts if it snows as much as is in the forecast. Sigh, I am getting impatient with all this wintry weather. 

I am on my way home from NYC, and I will be sharing what I did over the weekend in my next post, so stay tuned!

How was your weekend? Are you getting hit by the snow storm where you live?


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