Mar 12, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 3/12/2014
I am going to start getting in the habit of writing down my weekly goals. It makes me more accountable and reminds me of what I need to achieve and focus on for the week. For this week, I plan to:

1. Do a long run

Last Saturday, I did my first "long-ish" run in a while,  and it felt great! I haven't done any long runs since marathon training last fall, and it's nice to run easy and get lost in my thoughts for many miles.

2. Run two quality workouts 

I am planning on doing some intervals and a tempo run. There will be pain, but I will do them.

3. Stretch and foam roll more

Increasing the intensity of my training means I need to take care of my muscles better. Gotta spend some quality time with the foam roller.

4. Prepare for my bake sale fundraiser

My fundraising for the 4K for Cancer bike ride continues, and I am holding a bake sale at my local grocery store this Sunday. That means on Saturday, I am going to be baking a million things. I also need to make and print flyers, make posters, and plan stuff. Gotta get on that...

And finally, the winner of my ENERGYbits giveaway is...

... Aren Everson!

Congrats, and I hope they help with your triathlon training! Please contact me at to claim your prize :)

Today, I am treating my aunt to an acupressure massage for her birthday! I made reservations for her, my mom, and me, so it'll be a fun and relaxing with just us women :) I don't usually get massages (I wish I could afford to get them regularly!) and it's going to feel AMAZING. Haha gonna skip the foam roller today because isn't acupressure basically like foam rolling? But someone else is doing all the work. Afterwards, we are going shopping, and I need to swing by Whole Foods.

What's your favorite thing to get at a bake sale? 

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