Mar 31, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 3/31/2014
This weekend, I ate a lot of Latin American food and tried pupusas for the first time. On Friday night, my brother and I went to a Peruvian place that I went to a couple of weeks ago. I really liked it from that first trip because some of the dishes were pretty new to me, like ceviche and grilled beef heart. This time, for an appetizer, we ordered shrimp with fried yuca. It was served with a buttery sauce. Pretty good, but a bit pricey for only 5 shrimp!

For my entree, I got ropa vieja, a cuban dish of shredded beef. It was served in a fried plantain "basket", which I thought was pretty cool, and came with rice and beans. It was pretty delicious, though I wish I had more green vegetables on my plate! Everything was so heavy and filling. My brother got a creamy Peruvian chicken dish. I sampled it and it tasted a bit like chicken pot pie.

On Saturday, I went out again for lunch. There's a pupuseria, called La Casita Pupuseria, near my house that I've been meaning to try. I finally went on Saturday for lunch, and I wish I had gone sooner! They have a variety of items on their menu, and very reasonably priced. They have smaller items like pupusas, tamales, and enchiladas, as well are larger platos such as steak and fish. A pupusa is masa (corn dough) filled with cheese, meat, or veggies and shaped into a flat cake that's grilled. I ordered two pupusas, one bean and cheese and the other with loroco flower (wasn't sure what that is). I also ordered a chicken tamale and a papaya smoothie. They make smoothies with fresh fruit, and use soy milk without charging extra! I ordered wayyy too much, but I wanted to try everything!

The pupusas took a while to cook, since they are made fresh. They came hot off the griddle, and were oozing with so much cheese! The pair of pupusas came with some a cabbage slaw, which was the perfect foil for the rich cheese. Everything was delicious, but I got full really quickly. Good thing I went rock climbing afterwards, otherwise I would've had a food coma.

For Sunday dinner, my whole family went out to eat with my two aunts, three cousins, and grandpa. I chose the restaurant, and decided on one of my favorite local restaurants, Founding Farmers. For appetizers, I ordered fried green tomatoes and two different flatbreads, one smoked salmon, the other apple chutney. The smoked salmon one was my favorite, and the apple chutney was a bit too sweet and sour.

For my entree, I ordered skirt steak with chimichurri sauce. Delicious! I also sampled other people's food, so I ended up tasting a reuben, seafood pasta, and some shrimp and grits. Haha the advantages of dining out with a large family ;)

For dessert, I ordered the beignets, which are made to order and served with a trio of sauces. I also wanted carrot cake, but we were all so full that we took it to go. I ate SO MUCH, but it was a satisfying meal.

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?


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