Mar 9, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in , , | 3/09/2014
How has your week been? The start of this week was still like winter from the snowstorm, but as the week went on, everything thawed out, and it finally feels like spring is just around the corner! I stayed indoors on Monday and Tuesday because of the snow and ice, but I got tired of sweating in my basement and was dying to run outside. Wednesday's run was a bit rough, but Thursday was a bit better, and Saturday's "long-ish" run felt really great! I forget how enjoyable my weekend long runs are, when I get to run easy and the miles seem to tick by without much effort. I haven't done a long run since marathon training last fall, but I will try to do a longer run on the weekends.

Today, I participated in a 5K Fun Run event by my local Whole Foods and Fleet Feet. There were about 60 people who came out for the run, and we went around the neighborhood. They suggest a $10 donation to participate, which benefited the Whole Planet Foundation. It was fun to come out to see the local runners and support a good cause.

I decided to bike to Whole Foods, do the 5K, and bike back home. I was able to store my bike in my brother's car while I ran. I wanted to bike a bit more after the run, but it got really windy and it sucked, so I went straight home instead.

Monday- 65 mins on bike trainer
Tuesday- 60 mins on bike trainer
Wednesday- 5.5 mi run
Thursday- 6.2 mi run (5 mi at tempo 7:45 pace + 1.2 mi cool down)
Saturday- 8 mi run avg 7:51 pace
Sunday- 6 mi bike, 3.1 mi run (5K Fun Run), 6 mi bike

Totals- 19.7 mi running, 12 mi biking + 125 mins on trainer

What was the highlight of your week?


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